Fixed salt rooms

A fixed salt room requires a dry space with the possibility to install air-condition piping that can be lead out of the house. The work starts by defining the salt room within the space and building tight walls for the room.

kuva1 kuva2

When the walls are ready, a 2-5-cm layer of rock salt is cast on the interior walls. Any level surfaces and decorative features to be covered with salt must be constructed in the room before this. This also applies to the lighting - the installation locations for light fixtures must be prepared before the salt is cast.

kuva3 kuva4

When the salt layers have been installed and the interior is ready. Following this, the exterior is constructed as desired, using MDF panels, for example (picture ). When the construction work is finished, the salt generator can be installed (picture ). At this point, an electrician is needed for wiring the lighting and installing light automation connected to the salt generator. After this, the room is cleaned and the user is trained on the use of the room.

salt-generator-outside_original kuva6